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Washington, D.C. is a spectacular city to tour by bike. It is vast enough to provide many different experiences but compact enough to see in a short period of time. In recent years, D.C.’s cycling culture has exploded, resulting in miles and miles of new bike tracks and paths that weave together the city’s tapestry in ways never thought of before. From the National Mall, to Rock Creek Park, to the C&O Canal and beyond, there is no better way to explore the American capital.

When I tell people I’m from D.C., the most common response I get is, “Wow, D.C. is such a great place, and so full of history. You must love it there.” I do… particularly because I’m an urban historian! As I pedal along the city’s canals, around its monumental circles, and through its breathtaking parks, my mind churns with thoughts about what it must have been like for people to live, work, and play here at different times. The clues are all around, but you have to know where to look.  

If you live in D.C. long enough, you begin to peel away the layers of the city to unearth parts of American history that your high school textbook didn’t cover. For instance… did you know that there was an actual Civil War battle fought within the city limits? It was the only battle ever attended by an American president. Did you know that long before Captain John Smith ever charted the Potomac River, the Native American villages of Nacotchtank and Nameroughquena lay at the crossroads of a massive trading network? Did you know that long before D.C. was a city, Georgetown was a bustling colonial port home to many prominent African-Americans, including Benjamin Banneker, who went on to survey future D.C. boundary lines?

One of my greatest joys is sharing my knowledge of this incredible city with others. So come along for a ride and explore D.C. with me. We’ll go far beyond the monuments and the mythology to learn about the ordinary people who made and continue to make D.C. a world-class capital.

Click here to see tour options and descriptions, or let us know your interests and we will custom-build one for you!

A licensed Washington D.C. official tour guide

Book a signature tour. Or, let's design an experience together that suits your interests, fitness level, time constraints, and priorities. Are you looking for an interpretative ride around the National Mall and adjacent monuments? No problem! Would you like to cycle through D.C.’s culinary history? Learn about how geography and geology shaped the urban environment? Explore how the city’s natural and man-made structures liberated and/or oppressed different groups of people? Understand how changing technology altered urban life over the course of the city’s history? All possible! And, of course, if you’d just like to ride, I can guide you through some of the region’s most beautiful parks and trails, some of which are so naturally spectacular you’ll forget you are anywhere remotely close to a major American city.

I can accommodate up to 5 people per tour.


My rates are: $375 for a 3 hour private tour for one person; $450 for two people; $580 for 3-4 people, and $650 for five people. If you would like to ride longer, no problem! Each additional hour is $120 for the entire group.

These rates include bike rental, helmets, and insurance. If all participants have their own equipment, the rates are $300, $330, $400 and $430 respectively.

We facilitate rentals through our partner, Conte's Bike Shop. All tours begin and end at their downtown DC location, 1412 Q. St. N.W.

Member: Washington Area Bicyclist Association

Organization of American Historians


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