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We are a team of expert researchers, historians, archivists, writers and storytellers who know how to bring history to life.  No boring textbook stuff here!  We create authentic and compelling content based upon in-depth research and rigorous analysis.  Our expertise spans the arc of modern history, allowing us to tell the widest array of stories. 

Our Principal, Eric S. Singer, holds a PhD in history from American University, a Masters of Education from University of Vermont, and a Bachelor of Arts in public communication from American University. For two decades, he has researched and written vivid historical narrative for films, major national and international brands, governments, educational initiatives and public history projects. A natural storyteller, Eric helps clients bring their histories, cultures and core themes to life in order to more authentically connect with target audiences.

Eric was the principal researcher for The Untold History of the United States, a 12-hour documentary series that is currently available on Netflix. To complement the series, he conceptualized, designed and implemented the Untold History Education Project, a website, educational outreach and social media program that connects teachers, community activists and the general public to a wide array of historical teaching tools. He also conducts research, develops curriculum and manages educational outreach for a wide variety of other clients.

​Eric taught at the University of Baltimore for seven years. There, he designed 14 unique history courses including The Wire: Baltimore and the Urban Crisis, History of American Sexuality, American Urban History and Living With the Bomb: Social, Political and Cultural Implications of Modern War. His work on the Cold War has been published in national and international journals, including the Hamburg Institute for Social Research’s Angst im Kalten Krieg (Fear in the Cold War) and Cambridge University Press's Urban History.

​He is also a historical journalist and young readers author, and has published on a wide variety of topics in The Nation, San Francisco Chronicle, Teen Vogue, Icelandair Stopover, The Baltimore Sun and The New York Daily News. Eric adapted The Untold History of the United States, Young Readers Edition, Vol. 2, 1945-1962 (Simon & Schuster, 2019).

Eric is currently adapting Kai Bird’s and Martin J. Sherwin’s Pulitzer Prize-winning biography “American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer,” upon which Christopher Nolan based his Academy Award-winning film “Oppenheimer.” Penguin Random House’s Putnam Young Readers imprint will publish the adaptation in summer 2025.

The mark of a good storyteller is to keep the reader engaged. History Craft certainly knows how to do that exact thing. If your company is thinking of capturing its history, from archives to an informative benchmark narrative, look no further than Eric Singer and History Craft.  You won’t be disappointed.

Joseph R. Kane Jr. CHA

Retired Group President/CEO Wyndham Hotel Group

Retired President/CEO Days Inn Worldwide

2006 Chairman, American Hotel Lodging Association

Eric Singer has been the major researcher for our “Untold History of the United States” (Simon & Schuster, 2012). He has also written the Young Adult version of our “History” for Simon & Schuster. Beyond that, I have called on him for much incidental work as a historian, researcher, and educator. 

Above all that, Eric is a person of great integrity and spirit, wanting to change this country of ours for the better. 

Every scholar has that one professor that challenges them to rethink everything they thought they ever knew–– for me, that was Dr. Eric Singer. 

I used to like history. But studying under Dr. Singer made me love history­–– so much that switched my major to history, with the sole purpose of taking more of his classes. Dr. Singer has the uncanny ability to translate the most complex ideas dealing with the development of our country into an accessible language that almost any person from any walk of life can understand. Dr. Singer is my biggest influence as an educator, studying under him has made me the researcher I am today, but most importantly–– his teachings challenged me to consider and understand perspectives outside of my own, a skill that has taken me farther than I could’ve have ever imagined, and for that, I’ll be forever grateful. 

D. Watkins

New York Times bestselling author of The Beast Side, The Cook Up and We Speak for Ourselves

Eric Singer does a wonderful job when conducting professional development sessions with teachers.  He has a magnificent way of combining his deep content knowledge with a multitude of effective strategies on how to deliver this content to students.  Teachers who have been in sessions with Eric have commented on the "real world" solutions to difficult pedagogical problems that he is able to provide.  Middle and high school social studies teachers would definitely benefit from working with Eric.

Stephen Armstrong
Past President
National Council for the Social Studies

Whenever I have a special talk to give, need a fresh approach to a topic, or just someone to help me to the "path less traveled," I contact Eric Singer.  Eric is one of the true fresh, inspiring and thought provoking educators of our time.  My thinking about education has been enhanced because of Eric and yours will also.

Terry Cherry
Past President
National Council for the Social Studies

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